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  1. 100 Top Cooking Sites
  2. A Malt Whisky Tour
  3. Samuel Adams Beer
  4. African-American. Soul-Food Cook Book
  5. All About Beer - site has recipes, menu ideas, meal preparation tips, cooking terms, and more.
  6. All
  7. American College of Gastroenterology, The
  8. Appetizers - Enormous Appetizer Collection
  10. Arab - Food From the Arab World
  11. Arielle's Recipe Archives - recipes from the popular Usenet newsgroup
  12. Asia Food - features recipes taken from the Encyclopedia of Asian Food.
  13. - Everything you ever wanted to know about all aspects of Asian recipes, but were afraid to ask. The site is a veritable smorgasbord of information on the subject, covering countries (from Afghanistan to Vietnam), ingredients (divided by region and/or country), equipment, and much more.
  14. Australian Recipes - Sorry, this link is not working.
  15. Austrian - The Global Gourmet guide to Austrian cooking
  16. Barbecues & Grilling - Equipment, recipes, tips and techniques.
  17. Beer Across America - The site offers online ordering, beer specials, recipes, newsletters, beer chat, and more.
  18. Ben & Jerry's Homemade Inc.
  19. Best Gluten-Free Recipes - and coeliac/celiac disease
  20. Belly Pleasers Cookbook
  21. Betty Crocker Cooking tips and recipes.
  23. Frank & Teressa's original sauce from the Anchor Bar, New York, undisputed home of the Buffalo Chicken Wing.
  25. California Culinary Academy's Online SPICE
  26. California Fig Advisory Board - history & facts, nutritional information, recipes & contests, and more.
  27. California Wineries Mall - directory and locator of fine wines and wineries in California
  28. Callahan's Cookbook
  29. Campbell's Creative Kitchen - Recipes and cooking tips for every taste and ingredient from Campbell's Soup.
  30. Camper's Corner: Fabulous Foods
  31. Caprial's Cafe
  32. - All about cheese.
  33. Chef Older's World of Food - get recipes, cook book reviews and more.
  34. Chef Talk - "A food lovers link to professional chefs. This is the place on the web where you can learn everything you need to know from the pro's. We provide lessons from the experts in Culinary 101, as well as present some of the hottest new recipes from chefs around the country."
  35. Chef Tell's Manor House - Lunch, dinner and brunch. Join celebrity Chef Tell for gourmet dining. Continental cuisine with German and Caribbean influences. Weddings, banquets, catering.
  36. Chicken Recipe com.
  37. Julia Child: Gourmet Guide
  38. Julia Child - StarChef
  39. Chili Bob
  40. - chocolate addiction? From truffles to 5 pound bars, you can order it here.
  41. Chocolate Ibarra - traditional and authentic Mexican chocolate. "Gods' food."
  42. - source for fabulous Yuletide recipes. Fill your home with the wonderfully familiar aromas of gingerbread people, spicy mulled cider, honey-glazed ham, green bean casserole, hot buttery mashed potatoes...
  43. Cocktails - Guide to Cocktails
  44. Coffee Korner
  45. Coffee Review
  46. Coffee Science Information Centre - resource claims to bring a scientific approach to the ongoing debate about coffee, caffeine, and health.
  47. Consorzio del Formaggio Parmigiano-Reggiano - Consortium for Parmagiano-Reggiano Cheese. Includes history, information on how the cheese is made, and more.
  49. Cooking Glossary
  50. Cooking Light
  51. Cook's Thesaurus - "The Cook's Thesaurus is a cooking encyclopedia that covers thousands of ingredients and kitchen tools. Entries include pictures, descriptions, synonyms, pronunciations, and suggested substitutions."
  52. Courvoisier - the cognac people. Includes food and drink recipes and a guide to a handful of the world's "best restaurants".
  53. The Creole and Cajun Recipe Page
  54. Crockpot Recipes
  55. CuisineNet - The definitive food and restaurant source on the Internet.
  56. - In addition to its Recipe of the Week and other features, culinary.Net adds a Special Interests area with columnists on such subjects as the "Joy of Soy" and the "Singles Dinner Club."
  57. Cyberdiet - "The best place for weight loss, nutrition and diet on the Internet."

  1. EatHere.Com: Room Food fof the 90's- "an interactive celebration of popular roadside eateries from coast to coast."
  2. Epicurious - For People Who Eat
  3. Ethnic Dishes Archive Index
  4. Everyday Cook
  5. Fairytale Brownies
  6. Fannie Farmer Cookbook - the original edition. "The Boston Cooking School Cookbook" by Fannie Merritt Farmer, first published in 1918.
  7. Fatfree: The Low Fat Vegetarian Archive
  8. Feeding America: The Historic American Cookbook Project - The Michigan State University Library and the MSU Museum presents this online collection of the most important and influential 19th and early 20th century American cookbooks.
  9. Fine Cooking Online - A cooking magazine with articles, instructions, and recipes.
  10. Firegirl's Homepage - A page devoted to chile peppers
  11. Fleischmann's Yeast - what's cooking? Recipes, the story of yeast and more.
  12. Florida Citrus Juice - recipes, news and information from the Florida Department of Citrus. Enter sweepstakes for a Disneyworld vacation.
  13. Flying Noodle, The - fine pastas, sauces and oils
  14. Food Dictionary - Search this dictionary by with more than 4,000 food terms and you'll never have to eat your words. Just type the word or phrase you're looking for in the box above and select the "Find" button. If you're unsure of a term's correct spelling, just type in the first few letters.
  15. The Food Guide Pyramid - This booklet introduces you to The Food Guide Pyramid.
  16. Food Timeline, The - Ever wonder what the Vikings ate when they set off to explore the new world? How Thomas Jefferson made his ice cream? What the pioneers cooked along the Oregon Trail? Who invented the potato chip...and why? This site provides answers and resources to these and many other food timeline related issues.

  1. Global Gourmet, The - 'Celebrate the romance of foods, exotic spices and international travel with the Global Gourmet. Here, we taste the world country by country.'
  2. - Greek recipes categorized from appetizers to preserves to desserts can be found at this site.
  3. Hickory Farms Summer Sausage
  4. Home Canning Online Page
  5. Home Cooking - a forum for food enthusiasts, from gourmet to home cooks. Weekly features provide recipes, culinary techniques and food facts and history.
  6. How Chocolate Works - ave you ever wondered where chocolate comes from? This edition of HowStuffWorks helps you understand exactly what you're eating.
  7. How Dieting Works - This How Stuff Works site looks first at weight gain and why gaining weight is so easy. Then look at what you can do about weight gain -- in the form of diet and exercise -- to maintain a consistent weight.
  8. How Food Works - It is safe to say that one thing you'll do today is eat some food -- food is pretty important to all animals. If you don't eat, it can cause all sorts of problems: hunger, weakness, starvation... Food is essential to life. But what is food? What's in food that makes it so important? What happens to the food once you eat it? What is food made of? If you have ever wondered about food and how your body uses it, this site by HowStuffWorks offers informationunderstand what a hamburger or a banana does to keep your body running every day.
  9. iDRINK - learn how to mix an Acapulco, a Zombie, or over 1,000 other drinks.
  10. In The Kitchen With Chef Tell - his delicious recipes in cyberspace.
  11. Indian Food Guide - Recipes and cooking tips from a noted Indian chef.
  12. Insect Recipes
  13. International Vegetarian Union - This one-stop resource for vegetarians and vegans provides a global directory of vegetarian societies, recipes, and multi-language articles on the history, science, and religious aspects of vegetarianism.
  14. The Internet Chef - searchable database of recipes, features, and message boards
  15. Into Wine - exploring the world of wine. Information on how wine is made, wine regions, wine and health, wine and the Bible, 1997 wine events and a quick reference guide.
  16. Internet Epicurean, The

  1. Jolly Time Pop Corn
  2. Joy of Cooking - menus, recipes, trivia, and more.
  3. KidsCandy - facts, recipes and fun.
  4. Les Kincaid's Lifestyles - Gateway to food, wine, recipes and more.
  5. Sheldon Landwehr - Food Critic for the New York Post.
  6. Meals for You - meal planning made easier
  7. - Over 100 traditional Mediterranean and Asian recipes each with a full color photo.
  8. Mimi's Cyber Kitchen - Over 1,000 food-related links and Mimi's personal collection of recipes, all in a highly organized format.
  9. - "Fast Recipes for Quick and Easy Homecooked Meals"

  1. National Cancer Institute's 5 a Day for Better Health - The national 5 A Day for Better Health Program gives Americans a simple, positive message÷eat 5 or more servings of fruits and vegetables every day for better health. The program is jointly sponsored by the National Cancer Institute and the Produce for Better Health Foundation, a nonprofit consumer education foundation representing the fruit and vegetable industry. Tips and Recipes available.
  2. Nutrition Facts - Free source for nutrition information on almost six thousand different foods. Site format is much the same as what you see on the "Nutrition Facts" label that is shown on almost all food packages in your local supermarket.
  4. Pepperidge Farm Puff Pastry - recipes for holidays, appetizers, main course meals, and desserts, along with a search-by-ingredient database.
  6. Paul Prudhomme Favorites
  7. Paul Prudhomme:StarChefs
  8. Wolfgang Puck Home Page

  1. Real Beer Page, The - microbreweries, tours, and brew fests around the world.
  2. Recipe Box - A Culinary Toolkit developed to bring the power of the PC into the kitchen
  3. - site has over 100,000 recipes online. You can also download theRecipeCenter software. The site is for all food and cooking enthusiasts.
  4. Recipe Dude, The - "Recipes for food you can eat"
  5. Recipe Exchange
  6. Recipes From '' Usenet Group
  7. RecipeSource - Searchable Online Archive of 70,000 Recipes
  8. RiceWeb - Everything you want to know about one of the world's longest running cereals: the history of rice, where and how it is grown, recipes, and much more.
  9. - "A site devoted exclusively to finding the most memorable local eateries along the highways and back roads of America."
  10. Safeway Stores
  11. Salad Recipes - "Your home for great salad recipes, meal ideas and cooking advice."
  12. Science of Cooking - Welcome to The Accidental Scientist: Cooking, the first in a series of Web-based projects focusing on the science behind everyday life.
  13. Seafood Steward - Recipes and tips on selecting, preparing and cooking.
  14. Soup Recipe com.
  15. Soup of the Evening: Beautiful Shop
  16. Southern Living Online
  17. Spices: Exotic Flavors & Medicines - The exhibit by the UCLA Biomedical Library, explores the many facets of spices.
  18. Spices & Herbs Encylopedia - information on spices from allspice to vanilla.
  19. Star Chefs
  20. Sugar in the Raw - it's natural, not naked. Recipes and FAQ
  21. SOLO cyberkitchen - more than 70 super recipes. Choose a low-fat treat or a bit of heavenly indulgence.

  1. TABASCO - the one and only. Includes recipes, history, music, photographs and... hot stuff.
  2. Taste the Pain - Site Contains Over 200 Of The Finest Products Available From The World Of Hot And Spicy Foods.
  3. - all about chips and many other snack foods.
  4. Teri's Recipe Page
  5. Texas Cooking
  6. Thai Recipes
  7. Thanksgiving Recipes - Site offers Thanksgiving recipes, meal ideas and cooking advice. Recipes include those for the bird, plus appetizers, stuffing and dressing, side dishes, soups and stews and desserts.
  8. Tokyo food Page - a complete guide to Japanese cuisine and eating in Tokyo, with recipes, articles on Japanese cooking, restaurant listings, culinary travel tips and more.
  9. Top Secret Recipes on the Web - "Creating Original Kitchen Clones of America's Favorite Brand-Name Foods."
  10. TV Food Network
  11. USDA Nutrient Database
  12. Vegetarian Kitchen - Vegetarian recipes (from everyday fare to seasonal, holiday, and special occasions), cookery tips ("Fighting Fear of Tofu"), and links to cooking sites.
  14. Viet World Kitchen - an information hub dedicated to providing knowledge on Vietnamese culinary traditions.
  15. Virtual Vittles - fresh, natural wholesome recipes created for finer palates without excessive fat.

  1. Web's First Japanese Pizza Page
  2. Web Resources for Japanese Food
  3. - Over 200 pages of of basic wine education including tips on pairing food and wine.
  4. Wine Education Site
  5. Wine Enthusiast, The
  6. Wine Spectator - includes daily reports, a searchable wine buying guide, a library of wine and travel articles, chats, forums and more.
  7. Wines and Food from France
  8. Burt Wolf - Origins - contains the recipes demonstrated in the PBS series.
  9. World of Tea
  10. YumYum Recipes - Over 20,000 recipes searchable by category or keyword.
  11. - The best-selling ZAGAT guides to restaurants in 25 cities make their Web debut. Includes over 20,000 full ratings and reviews, directions and "top" listings. With user-friendly drop-down menus.


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